Hello, I'm Megan and welcome to my thoughts!

I am a post graduate student in Victoria, Australia and I am trying to uncover the secret of genes by using code.

I am very passionate about developing the public's scientific curiosity and critical thinking especially among the youth. To do that, I aim to be a good science communicator. I mean, such good scientific discoveries will be wasted if nobody understands it, right? More importantly, I believe that it is more dangerous when scientific stuff gets misunderstood and used against good. That's why I actively write, make videos, and talk about ways to understand scientific concepts and how to know if an information is credible or not.

I am also very keen on keeping a well-lived and balanced life. I want to continuously learn about stuff, make new experiences, and achieve my career and personal goals. It gets to be overwhelming I assure you! But I strive to manage myself and keep my sanity. Because of that, I have learned some techniques about self-management, dealing with stress, academic and study hacks, and some more stuff in between. I don't want to keep them to myself either. That's why you can also find them in my blogs, my YouTube channel, and in my podcasts.

Ultimately, this is my space: somewhere I can dump, in a curated way of course, all of the things that I think are important and I think people should know. I am a humble servant to learning. Creativity is my muse. And I seek to improve the human condition. So here I am. So here you are, too. I'm glad you found me! Let's learn together.

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